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Rokok Elektrik – E Cigarettes

Posted by Qstore on August 4, 2010

What Are Electronic Cigarettes – Ecigs

Electronic cigarette is a new way to enjoy smoking without having to use tar and fire and not having the worries of having bad smoke odor. The electronic cigarettes comes in with many flavors that helps satisfy e-cig smokers. It is a lot safer to use than a traditional cigarette, because even though it contains nicotine, electronic cigarette uses vapor and not smoke and does not have the more than 4000 harmful chemicals a normal cigarette have. The range of nicotine level can be chosen in high, medium, low or zero nicotine dosage for the flavor and cartridges.

The greatest feature of electronic cigarette is that you can use them almost anywhere if not anywhere you want to. As I’ve stated that it only produce vapor and not smoke, people around you will not be bothered of you using it. Electronic cigarette is not harmful to second hand smokers because vapor vanishes immediately and cannot affect harm to people.

If you think that electronic cigarettes won’t give you the satisfaction you have with your normal cigarette, then you thought wrong. Electronic cigarettes can give you the same if not more satisfaction compared to normal cigarettes.

Why You Should Smoke Ecigs

There are millions and millions of cigarette smokers around the world. People ignore the risks that the regular kind of cigarettes have. There are thousands of harmful chemicals that are in cigars, these chemical contents may cause a person to have heart attack, cancer and skin deceases. These people won’t stop smoking even though they know the facts, even though there are so many commercials saying that cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health. No they won’t stop because these people are addicted to it already, and there is one thing you can do to help these people lessen the risks that they are taking when they are smoking and also a good thing for people around them. Let these people try electronic cigarette or E-cig. This is a battery powered cigarette that doesn’t produce smoke and only produces vapor. The vapor that the e-cigs are producing is not harmful to people. Real cigarettes causes you bad breath and a smoke odor. If you’re a hard smoker, all of your things in your house, car and clothes smells like bad smoke odor. But when you are using E-Cig, you don’t have to worry anymore about these things, because vapor quickly vanishes.

Reasons Why You Should Try Ecigs

– Tobacco Smoking
One identifiable major risk factor of having such disease is smoking. According to studies, about 90% of those with lung cancer have a social history of tobacco use. The risk of having lung cancer increases as you increase the number of cigarettes that you consume over time.
Another risk factor is passive smoking. Although you don’t directly use tobacco or similar things, inhalation of its smoke poses the same effects. Research shows that a non-smoker living near with a smoker increases his risk of having lung cancer by 24% when compared with other non-smokers.
Lung cancer is a disease caused by abnormal growth of lung cells. It maybe a primary lung cancer which means that the cancer cells originally developed in the lung tissues. It may also be due to metastasis or expansion of the cancer from one organ to another through blood and lymph systems. The lung is the most common site of metastasis.
Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Statistics show that there are about 159,390 deaths are being reported yearly in the United State. Every year, a total of 219,440 new cases are being diagnosed of lung cancer in United States alone every year.

– Electronic Cigarettes
Ecigs use nicotine vapor to fullfill your nicotine cravin without the harmful tar of tabbacco smoke. Ecigs uses heat and not fire so you can smoke anywhere normal smokers can’t
Get the same feel and look of smoking a real cigarette while saving money from buying endless packs of smokes.

Ecig Safety
E-cigarette is a battery operated cigarette that has cartridges that is filled with nicotine in it with chemicals and flavorings. The nicotine that the device use is also highly addictive. So if you think you want to try this, just be aware that it has the same addictive sensation as a normal cigarette. But there are a lot of things why you should use electronic cigarette vs tobacco or traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette does not release harmful smoke to the user and to the people around the user or as we call them second hand smokers. You can use E-cig any time you want to without getting worried of anyone, even your kids while they’re playing around you. This is also safer because when using this, you don’t have to use fire that may cause a lot of accidents, no burning of skins, just enjoying the sensation that this gadget brings to you. Another important thing is that electronic cigarette does not give a person a bad breath and bad smoke odor. You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to smell like after using it. So if you are a smoker, this is the best thing for you.

The Difference Between a Traditional Cigarette and a Ecig

Electronic Cigarette:
This is an electronic device that mimics smoke and cigars except, it is not as harmful as the traditional cigar. E-cig has a heating element that heats an amount of liquid in it and then produces vapor. Though the vapor it produces contains 3 major ingredients and these are nicotine, propylene glycol and different flavorings. These are approved by the FDA as a none carcinogenic.

Traditional Cigarette:
The smoke that’s coming from the traditional cigarette is producing 4,000 plus chemicals when smoked including the 43 known cancer causing elements and probably 400 other toxins.

Traditional cigarettes contains methanol that is used as a rocket fuel, acetone that is know as an ingredient in removing nail polish, Napthylamine, Dibenzacridine and Pyrene are known as a carcinogenic, cadmium which is used in batteries and also a carcinogenic, napthalene that is known as a moth repellent, carbon monoxide which is known as a poisonous gas, Vinyl Chloride that isused in plastic materials, Cyanhydric acid that’s used in gas chambers, Ammonia that is known as a detergent, Arsenic that is a lethal poison, Polonium 210 known as a radioactive element, DDT known as an insecticide and Formaldehyde is being used as an embalming fluid.

Do Ecigs Really Work?

If you think using electronic cigarette won’t satisfy you because you think smoking ordinary cigars have better sensation, well you thought wrong. You are addicted to smoking or just can’t stop smoking because of the nicotine content of it. Nicotine by the way, is the one that makes people addicted to smoking and gives people the feel good effect. Electronic cigarettes also contains nicotine that every smokers are addicted to, so when you use electronic cigarette, you’ll still feel the sensation and satisfaction that you were getting from smoking ordinary cigars, it’s just that when you are smoking tobaccos or traditional cigarettes, you are prone to sickness such as bronchitis, heart problem, lung problem and worst is lung cancer that kills 80 – 90 percent of smokers around the world. But when you are using electronic cigarette as an alternative to your addiction to smoking, you’ll still get the same satisfaction but not the same risks and dangers that a normal cigarette have. Electronic cigarette will not just satisfy your need of smoking and health issues, it will also help you save a lot of money from spending it everyday in buying daily pack of cigars. You can even save half of your budget yearly because e-cig is for long time


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